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The only database that provides strategic insights on crypto funds

Firm's type and form

Traditional fund - Crypto-native fund - Venture capital - Hedge Fund

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Private Equity - Accelerator - Incubator - Angel Investment fund - Tokenized Fund - Index - Fund of Funds

Full public portfolio

4500 Investments in 1000 cryptocurrencies

Strategy & activity

Long term - Short Term - Quantitative trading - Index - Nodes - Staking - Mining


Blockchain 3.0 - Financial Infrastructure Technical Infrastructure

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Information Infrastructure - Organizational Infrastructure - Data Management - Tech Convergence - Dapps

Stage of investment

Equity - Pre-sales - ICOs - Liquid assets

Operational support

Tokenomics - Legal structuring - Technical Development - Marketing & PR

Discover how funds invest in tokenized networks

Find the best investors for your project

We provide generic information, social accounts and contact details

Generic Info

Website - Founding date - City - Country Nb of employees - Contact email address

Social Accounts

Twitter - Linkedin - Medium - Crunchbase

Contact details

Up to 5 employees per fund - Linkedin profiles - Email adresses (when available)

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Here is an extract of the database with 40 funds
Extract of the Crypto Funds List Database
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The full database includes






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Who is it designed for?

Female founder looking for investors for her blockchain company on her laptop

Founders looking for investors

We help you identify the best investors for your blockchain project

Male crypto fund manager benchmarking his competitors portfolio

Crypto funds managers

We help you analyse and benchmark other investors’ portfolio

Male crypto fund service provider identifying qualified prospects

Crypto funds service providers

We help you identify highly qualified prospects for your service

Male traditional fund manager getting a better understanding of the crypto investment market

Traditional funds managers

We help you cut through the noise and better understand the crypto investment market

Male blockchain consultant getting key metrics on the state of crypto funds

Blockchain consulting companies

We help you with deep insights and key metrics on the state of crypto funds

Female crypto currency enthusiast staying up to date with institutional investments

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts

We help you stay up to date with institutional investments

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Who are you? is a product of Crypto Writing Agency, a crypto agency specialized in market studies, industry reports and in-depth analyses of the cryptocurrency market. Contact us if you need a tailor-made study.

Why should I choose your database?

Our database is the largest on the market. While competitors only list between 370 and 620 funds, we have more than 940 funds. Our database is also the most precise on the market. We offer strategic information that our competitors do not have : Strategy, Full public portfolio, Focus, Co-investors, Operational support, Social accounts (Medium, Twitter, Crunchbase). We are also the only ones to offer access to an Airtable database, allowing you to navigate easily through the data.

How do I know that the data is correct?

We spend hundreds of hours collecting the data. We always double-check before adding any investment or contact information. We want to make sure the data is correct. That's why we do not publish data regarding Assets Under Management (AUM). Most often the amount relates to the initial funding of the funds. Given the volatility of the current cryptocurrency market and our focus on delivering reliable information we think it's safer not to publish incorrect data regarding AUM. We will be contacting the funds individually in order to have truthful insights on this specific data point and update the database accordingly. Our data is updated every month with new funds and new investments. We also provide a monthly report covering the latest investments trend. You can download our report The State of Crypto Funds to have a preview of the type of reports we are producing.

Why are you building this database?

We believe in transparency, one of the core values of Blockchain technology. We envision a fully transparent market and want to make it happen. That's why we think the funds' strategy and investments should be easily available. is the genesis of this vision. Contact us if you want to help us build the next generation transparent platform for institutional crypto-investments insights.

What do I get exactly?

Once you've proceed with the payment you will get full access to the database (Airtable access & Excel file with qualified contacts). You will also receive a monthly report covering the latest investments trends as well as monthly updates of the database for one year. The link to the Airtable and the Excel file will be directly sent to you by e-mail.

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Crypto Writing Agency is a research agency specialized in market studies, industry reports and in depth analyses of the cryptocurrency market. is the first product of Crypto Writing Agency.